IRIS - The Siri of Android
SIRI is a famous app in iPhone which helps user to search, compose mail, n schedule things with voice commands and it is the most highlighted feature in iPhone since last few release. Though android have voice command in it, it didn't work as good as SIRI. But the Brilliant Developers in Android platform have reverse engineered the concept of SIRI and came up with a new Application called IRIS, which works exactly same as SIRI. What you have to do is to turn on the application and touch on the blue colored circle at bottom and speak the command. it gives you spontaneous response with help of internet. IRIS is a free application in Play Store, so you can just click the link below and install the same.



IRIS(Click to Download)

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Mohammed Sijas is Software developer and Founder of Droid Terminal with a sound experience of 6 years in Web and Mobile Technologies.

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