AVG Pro Antivirus For Android
No ImageAs we all know the Android is an open-source operating system, thus there an easy chance of getting effected by Trojans and many other viruses. Thus Here i provide a Pro (Paid ,But free here) version of AVG antivirus For Android which will help you to protect Your valuble phone from any upcoming thr... View more
Wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) tethering!!
No ImageAs we have discussed before we share the internet in Android phone with USB Tethering. But When you connect your phone to PC via usb cable the mobile charges continuously and your mobile battery backup gets weaker. So We have an alternate method for this... That is wireless tethering... A wireless t... View more
HD wallpapers For Android
No ImageHD Wallpaper is one of the best app i found in my 1 year android Experience. This app can be used to set wallpaper online, ie without downloading to your phone.. The cool interface will allow to traverse in betwwen the wallpapers with thumbnails and will show hw it looks.U can even download if u nee... View more
Winamp For Android
No ImageWinamp, The Award winning Music Player, Have introduced a new music player to the family of android Named; There is no change in name,The same Winamp..If u are a great fan of Winamp, And wanna play music in android interface of winamp..You can download it from here.Click here to download Winamp... View more