How to use Android 4.3's 'Restricted Profile' feature
No ImageThe ability to add a second user profile was added to tablets in Android 4.2, and it's gained even more granular functionality in Android 4.3 with the addition of "restricted profiles." In a nutshell, this lets you choose which applications that restricted user can use. It's not quite a full-func... View more
How to get rid of the on-screen menu bar on the HTC One with Android 4.2
No ImageOn the newest firmware, a simple setting change will banish one of this phone's major annoyancesThe HTC One's unsightly on-screen menu bar was never the most elegant way to handle apps that still use Android's legacy "menu" key. We said as much in our review of the phone back in March. Thankfully ... View more
How to change sync and notification settings in the new Gmail
No ImageNB: Don't forget to turn on sync when you add new folders or Mail CategoriesWhile the settings to enable and change sync settings for Gmail haven't changed in the latest update, many people are just being introduced to them for the first time with the addition of "Mail Categories" this last week. ... View more
C4Droid - An Android C/C++ IDE
No ImageThis post is targeting all the programmers and budding programmers who always wanted to try programming in Mobile. This post might be a good news for you. Have u ever wondered it was good if it was possible to code a program and execute it in mobile ? I bet most of u might have. Personally i have n ... View more