Nokia Android Mobiles- Review
No ImageFinally the wait is over. The worlds most trusted mobile company is shipping their first Phone which is beating with "Android", thanks to Microsoft. Yes Nokia have announced their coming back to the Mobile market by shipping three variant of Android devices namely , Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. A... View more
Grand Theft auto III- Game
No ImageWe all are familiar about the grand theft series of games for pc and many other consoles... If u were a hardcore fan of such game.. then u guys hav a good news.. We have Android Version Of that game available in market for Buying.. But buying is a bad news.. Don't worry.. Droid Terminal is providing... View more
Basic Android Codes
No ImageFor those of you who plan to buy Android phones or new users for this phone. Maybe you'll need the Android codes to be easier for you to use the android phone. Here is some of the basic Android codes that you should know:*#*#4636#*#* Displaying Phone Information, Battery, Battery Usage, Usage Statis... View more
Top 10 android setup tasks for a new android user
No Image.Top 10 Android setup tasks:Import contacts: Export contacts to CSV, import to Gmail contacts.Sign in to your phone with your Google account, if you havent done that yet.Browse to Contacts>Settings>Display options>Select Only contacts with phones, and alsoGoogle>Manually select all groups. Then sy... View more