IRIS - The Siri of Android
No ImageSIRI is a famous app in iPhone which helps user to search, compose mail, n schedule things with voice commands and it is the most highlighted feature in iPhone since last few release. Though android have voice command in it, it didn't work as good as SIRI. But the Brilliant Developers in Android pla... View more
Paper Camera For Free
No ImageThis is a Special post as per request from one of the user to post the Paper Camera app. We all know about paper camera. But i never thought users like this app. So I never try this. When the user requested me i thought let me try this app. If it is worth enough i'll post. But after using it's so go... View more
Fast shutter click like iPhone
No ImageI always argue with my friends by telling Android is better than any other OS and i strongly still believe in that. But the part i always fail was the camera. They tells iPhone have a better camera than Android. They tells iPhone shoots the pic faster. and i was always thinking why android made it l... View more
Galaxy S3 Dandelion LWP
No ImageGuess everyone have seen the live wallpaper of brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 n wondered how we will get a similar kind of wallpaper. Recently i found this app in market, which is free,n which made me so happy. So i thought of sharing this app.Galaxy S3 Dandelion LWP is inspired by original Samsung Gal... View more