Download the most advanced Android folder out there
No ImageFolders come included with Android. You can add a folder by long pressing on your home screen and then pressing the folders button. Then, just drag apps into the folder and you have an easy way to categorise and open your apps.GotoApp goes a step further than folders as it is just one mega folde... View more
is Do It (Tomorrow) the perfect todo app for procrastinators?
No ImageIts easy to tell yourself that you will complete a task later and then never actually getting around to doing it. You could just do things straight away (thats never gonna happen), or you could use Do it tomorrow and embrace your procrastination.Do it tomorrow is like any to do list app as it le... View more
How to rescue a drowned Android mobile – Remove all moisture from a wet phone in 5 steps
No ImageYou lean over the sink to wash your hands and suddenly, plop, your mobile splashes into the water. You pull your precious phone out and dread the worst. After being submerged in water, it is very unlikely that your mobile will be able to survive, and Android mobiles arent cheap to replace. Luck... View more
Customize your lockscreen with Magic Locker
No ImageThe lock screen is one of those Android features that you constantly see so its important that youve got one that you like the look of. Rather than putting up with the one that comes pre-installed on your mobile, why not install a new one?Until yesterday, the lock screen was just about the only t... View more