Android TV Development - Big Screens Are Coming, Get Ready!
No Image Google wants to bring Android to everything from phones and watches, to cars and smart television sets. First off, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I am somewhat biased when it comes to smart TV platforms, so let'... View more
Send music to your phone . . wirelessly
No ImageWinamp for Android and Winamp for your PC now work together to sync music to your phone over a wifi connection.Supports scrobbling to Last.FM, SHOUTcast Radio and Integration with Pandora, Youtube, Amazon Store apps.You can now throw away those wires. Esp. if you have the Duracell myGrid wireless c... View more
Wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) tethering!!
No ImageAs we have discussed before we share the internet in Android phone with USB Tethering. But When you connect your phone to PC via usb cable the mobile charges continuously and your mobile battery backup gets weaker. So We have an alternate method for this... That is wireless tethering... A wireless t... View more