How To Root the HTC Tattoo

I. Before You Begin

1. Make sure that you have the HTC Sync program on your computer and it is able to see your Tattoo.
2. This gives you root access and also changes your bootloader and recovery so that when ROMs come out you can flash them.

II. Make a Goldcard

1. Follow our How To Create a Goldcard procedure, then once you are done come back to this procedure and continue.
2. Put the Goldcard into the phone.

III. Download the Rooting App and Use It

1. Download the rooting app and save it to your computer.
Tattoo Rooting App (w/ Amon Ras Recovery Image)
2. Once it is saved to your computer, extract it and then copy the rtattoo folder to your C: directory (not in any folders, so that the path is C:\rtattoo when you are done).
3. On your phone, goto Settings > Applications > Development and make sure USB Debugging is Checked On.
4. Plug you phone into the computer.
5. On your computer, click My Computer > C: > rtattoo then double click RootTattoo.
6. Wait for it to finish completely (do NOT touch anything while it is working). Once done, you are all set! You have root access and a custom recovery image if you want to flash a ROM, enjoy!
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