How to rescue a drowned Android mobile – Remove all moisture from a wet phone in 5 steps

You lean over the sink to wash your hands and suddenly, plop, your mobile splashes into the water. You pull your precious phone out and dread the worst. After being submerged in water, it is very unlikely that your mobile will be able to survive, and Android mobiles arent cheap to replace. Luckily, there a few tips which will dramatically decrease the chances of your phone dying on you.
This is what you need to do if your Android mobile comes into contact with water:
  1. Immediately get your mobile out and take out the battery. The longer you leave your mobile in water, the greater chances of it getting damaged are. By taking your battery out, you will also reduce the risk of your mobile getting damaged by cutting out the power source.
  2. Dry your mobile witha towel or paper towels while keeping it still. This will absorb up the majority of water so you will have less water to get out the mobile.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up water. Hold your vacuum over each accessible area for up to 20 minutes. This can be very effective in drying your mobile.
  4. Leave your Android mobile in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice overnight. Before you go to sleep, rotate your phone every hour or so, this will make sure that every area of the mobile is effected. The rice will slowly absorb any moisture left in your phone. If you have any desiccant then this is better to use than rice because it is better at absorbing moisture.
  5. Leave your mobile on an absorbent material such as a paper towel or napkin. This is to make sure that every bit of moisture has disappeared. Check the absorbent material every 4 6 hours. If you can see moisture on the material, replace the material and repeat the process. When the material is moisture free, you can stop!
After you have completed all of the above, your mobile should be moisture free and working perfectly. If not, then Im sorry, your Android mobile just couldnt make it. Even if you havent got a wet Android mobile right now, remember these tips, and you might just be able to save your phone if you ever do get it wet.
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