Change Lockscreen in 2.2V below Android phones.

One of my previous post was about changing the lock-screens of Android phones Using Magic Locker. Very after that post i received many complaints that it is not working in Android Version 2.2 below. So this post is especially for those customers. It this post i introduce u a new app named GoLocker, Which is add-on for GoLauncher.

For GoLocker to work in ur mobile you need GoLauncher Ex (click To Download)

  1. Download Golauncher,Golocker and ur preferred theme from below section
  2. Install Glauncher
  3. Install GoLocker
  4. Install your theme u preferred
  5. Open GoLauncher
  6. Open GoLocker
  7. From the theme selection menu Select the the theme U installed

  1. GoLauncher Ex (click To Download)
  2. GoLocker App[18KB] (Click To Download)
  3. GO Locker FourKey Theme(Click To Download)
  4. GO Locker Fresh Green Theme (Click To Download)
  5. GO Locker Simple Slide Theme (Click To Download)
  6. GO Locker UnderSea Theme (Click To Download)
Screen Shots:

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