How to get rid of the on-screen menu bar on the HTC One with Android 4.2

On the newest firmware, a simple setting change will banish one of this phone's major annoyances

The HTC One's unsightly on-screen menu bar was never the most elegant way to handle apps that still use Android's legacy "menu" key. We said as much in our review of the phone back in March. Thankfully with the new Android 4.2 update that's now rolling out in some countries, it's now possible to get rid of it entirely, and use a long-press of the home key to access menu functionality instead.

In the new Android 4.2-based firmware, the option that controls the way buttons work is found under Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Home button. The first choice, selected by default, lets you get to Google Now by long-pressing the home key, or swiping up on it. The second option maps a long-press of the home key to the menu key, thus eliminating the need for an on-screen menu bar. As you can still swipe up to access Google Now, you don't lose any functionality there either.
Simple. Easy. And we're a little surprised it's not this way by default. In any case, if there's one setting you'll want change after getting the 4.2 update for your HTC One, this is it. So long, on-screen menu bar.

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