Top 7 Essential Android 4.3 Tips And Tricks

The find my Android feature has been a long time coming, and the addition of being able to lock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is an easy to use mobile operating system but you can still make it even more useful to you with some tips and tricks. Note that while some of these can also work on other Android versions, most are for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and and reset the password makes it feel more complete, versus just having a ring and erase option.

  1. Create Restricted Profiles - If you have a child, chances are he may be playing around with your Android smartphone or tablet. If that's that case, you likely don't want them to have access to some apps, data and features they really don't need to see. The Restricted Profiles feature comes in useful for this. You can decide which apps your child or spouse has access to it or if the user can use the Google Play Store to add new apps by himself.
  2. Use an Office Suite to manage your documents - If you travel a lot, you likely need to access and edit documents on the fly. To do so, a full-fledge office suite that can handle various types of files is a must. The good news is Android has some great free office suites that allow you to open 23 types of files, including DOC, XLS, PPT and PDF. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here.
  3. Use Google Now to get info anytime you need it - Google Now provides information the moment you need it. It provides flight data before your flight, weather, sports scores, photo spots and more.
  4. Use apps other than the Google Play Store - You can also get apps from other app stores, which sometimes have better offers than the Google Play Store. The Amazon App Store even gives a paid app for free every day.
  5. Keep organized with Google Keep - You can use Google Keep to take notes, voice recordings, text or images as a reminder so you don't forget anything. It is even synced to your Google account so you can access everything in all of your devices.
  6. Use Android Device Manager to find your lost device - This feature allows you to locate your device and even wipe the data on it remotely. Find out how to do it here. Google has added a new feature that lets you set a password on a lost device.
  7. Create an offline cache of a Google Map - You can cache the map of the area on your device so you don't have to be online while on the road.

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