Galaxy S3 Dandelion LWP
No ImageGuess everyone have seen the live wallpaper of brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 n wondered how we will get a similar kind of wallpaper. Recently i found this app in market, which is free,n which made me so happy. So i thought of sharing this app.Galaxy S3 Dandelion LWP is inspired by original Samsung Gal... View more
Convert your phone into a $500 camera
No ImageAfterfocus is an app which brings DSLR camera like effects to your phone. Touch to select foreground and background areas of the photo after you capture it and the app automatically recognizes the elements in the picture. Multiple foreground and background filters are available to create your ma... View more
Beautiful Widget for free
No ImageGuess everyone have heard about the most famous app in market named Beautiful Widget which give user beautiful widget as name suggest.. But its a paid app.. since many aren't ready to pay few bucks for it.. This post is targeted to those people who always search for free paid things... Here i provid... View more
Winamp- Pro version for free
No ImageI have posted about the music player Winamp before, but it was try on verion.. i got many request from users to post thepro version of it. Yes here i post the Pro or paid version of Winamp for free.Follow the link below for getting it.. Try to install a fresh one,i.e, don't upgrade it from trial one... View more