Speed-up your wifi router
No ImageWifi Analyzer shows wifi channels around you. You can then pick a less crowded wifi channel for your router and get faster speeds.... View more
Send music to your phone . . wirelessly
No ImageWinamp for Android and Winamp for your PC now work together to sync music to your phone over a wifi connection.Supports scrobbling to Last.FM, SHOUTcast Radio and Integration with Pandora, Youtube, Amazon Store apps.You can now throw away those wires. Esp. if you have the Duracell myGrid wireless c... View more
Send FAX from your android phone
No ImageEvery one needs to send 1-2 faxes a year. For those times when you really need access to a FAX machine, FilesAnywhere(click to download) is there to help you out.Its primarily a file storage and sharing platform with gig of free space.To send a FAX, Create the document in Google Docs or any office ... View more
Throw Microsoft Word and Excel away
No ImageGoogle Docs is finally available on you Android. You can Create, edit, upload and share your documents directly from your phone.You can also view the PDFs and images you uploaded to your docs account. I have all my PDF books in there for easy access.Tip: Take a picture of any document and Google wil... View more