Boost Your Phones Battery..!!
No ImageAre you Blaming your phone for not having a good Battery backup...Are you think that "is there an app for increasing Battery backup?". Yeah..In the world of Android even that is possible... Droid Terminal here introduce an app...Battery Defender which enables you to control your Battery usage..Click... View more
Top 10 android setup tasks for a new android user
No Image.Top 10 Android setup tasks:Import contacts: Export contacts to CSV, import to Gmail contacts.Sign in to your phone with your Google account, if you havent done that yet.Browse to Contacts>Settings>Display options>Select Only contacts with phones, and alsoGoogle>Manually select all groups. Then sy... View more
Track the Music playing Currently
No ImageThis is a very useful app for Android User. Consider you hear a music , and you don't knw any details of the music. In this situation Sound Hound is here to help you. You just need to make this app to hear the music. It will search in internet for the details and even provide youtube link, and lyric... View more
How To Create a Goldcard
No ImageI. Before You Begin1. Some memory cards simply will not let you edit them in the way we are about to, so you may need to do this procedure and if it doesnt work, try a new memory card. 2GB Kingston SD card DOES work for sure so up to you if you want to just buy one of those before beginning.2. Y... View more