How To Encrypt Your Android Smartphone or Tablet
No ImageBefore making the decision of encrypting your tablet, you should think whether you think any of the data on it would cause you problems if it were to fall into the wrong hands. For example, do you store pictures you wouldn't want anyone else to see on your device or sensitive documents?From the mome... View more
Create an Offline Cache in Google Maps for Android
No ImageDo you have a Android phone or tablet that youd like to use for Maps on the go, but it lacks a mobile data connection? Have no fear, even after the update to version 7 Google Maps still offers a way to cache areas offline. This is great if you have a device such as the Note 10.1 tablet which has a b... View more
Top 7 Essential Android 4.3 Tips And Tricks
No ImageThe find my Android feature has been a long time coming, and the addition of being able to lock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is an easy to use mobile operating system but you can still make it even more useful to you with some tips and tricks. Note that while some of these can also work on other Android v... View more
How To Set Up and Use Android Device Manager
No ImageAndroid Device Manager was announced by Google recently, allowing you to find your lost device and remotely wipe your data stored on it similar to Find my iPhone on iOS.Using Android Device ManagerYou may remember that the service has started showing up on Android devices a few days ago, but it did... View more